Make Vegas-style bets.
In a league.
With your friends.

Welcome to Sideline, a new way to play fantasy football.

Make 5 Vegas-style bets each week, using points (not real money).
Outscore your opponent, win the matchup, talk some trash.

A brand new fantasy game

Vegas-style picks

- Against the spread, over/under, straight up, & parlay
- Wager 1,000 points (not real money) on 5 picks each week

In a league

- Season-long format with weekly H2H matchups
- Make the playoffs & play for the championship

With your friends

- Find out who's the better bettor, once and for all
- In-app messaging keeps the action and trash talk in one place

Different games for different sports.

Every sport is different, so why are fantasy games all the same?
Sideline is building new fantasy games for each sport, starting with the NFL, NBA, and NCAA basketball.

Download the app and try Sideline today.

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