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Sideline Fantasy Sports
Classic fantasy meets Vegas-style picking. It's free. It's fun. It's Sideline.
Here's how it works
Make your picks Start with a new "$1,000" each week
Fill out your Vegas-style Pick Cards
Play head-to-head Square off against a league opponent
It's your picks against theirs
Win your matchup Score more points to get the W
Win games, make the playoffs, win the 'ship,
Play the Demo
(just to see how it feels)
Make your picks

Start with a new $1,000 bankroll each week
Don't worry, lawyers - it's not real money

Make Vegas-style picks
Against the Spread, Over/Under, Straight Up, and Parlays

Real spreads in real time
Make strategic edits & updates until kickoff
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Play head to head

It's your picks against theirs
You each use your $1,000 to fill out five Pick Cards

Use stats to gain the edge
Analyze your picking habits to outsmart your opponent

Keep your head in the game
Track the status of your picks as the action unfolds
Win your matchup
Just like classic fantasy:

The most points wins the game
Teams with the best records make the playoffs
Strive to be crowned champion
(and granted eternal fantasy glory)
Performance Enhancing Stats
Track and analyze your picking strengths

Gain insight into your opponent's habits

See how you stack up against all Sideline players

And trophies!
"The most fun I've had since losing my virginity"
- Ed from Pittsburgh
And the best part? You can start anytime!

That's right - you can start a league anytime during the season.

And because you're making picks instead of drafting players, there's no minimum or maximum league size!

Get all your friends and Instagram followers to join.