How to Play


Make 5 picks each week:
- 2 against the spread & over/under
- 2 straight up
- 1 parlay (2 or 3 of any of the above picks, combined)

Wager 1,000 points across those 5 picks:
- Minimum wager is 100
- Maximum wager is 600 
- You must make all 5 picks

You can edit your picks up until your chosen game kicks off.
- Ex: If you choose the Panthers and they kick off at 4pm EST, you can edit or change that pick until 3:59pm EST

The goal is to score more points than your opponent and win your matchup.

Each win affects your overall record:
- If you win the matchup, your record becomes 1-0 (1 win, 0 losses)
- If you lose the matchup, your record becomes 0-1 (0 wins, 1 loss) 
- You CAN tie. Your record becomes (0-0-1) (0 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie)

Help me understand these picks.

- In every game, one team is the “favorite” and one is the “underdog”
- There will be one (+) number and one (–) number and they will always be opposite (ex: +3.5 and -3.5)
- If a team is “- 3.5” you ONLY win the pick if they win by more than 3.5 points
- If a team is “+3.5” you win the pick if they win OR lose by less than 3.5 points
- Every against the spread pick has a x2.0 multiplier

- This predicts how many TOTAL points will be scored in a game (the combined score of both teams)
- You choose whether there will be more (over) or less (under) total points scored in that game than the number stated

- Pick the team that you think will win. It’s that simple. 
- The multiplier (ex: x3.0) associated with each team shows what you multiply your wager by. 

- A combination of picks. You can pick 2 or 3 of any type of pick in the parlay
- The kicker? You have to get all picks in the parlay right to score points. Miss one and you score 0 points. 
- What makes the parlay cool? You multiply the odds of each game together, so you can score big if you get them all right.

Tell me about the playoffs.

Sure thing! The playoffs run for 3 weeks at the end of the season (NFL Weeks 14–16).

8 teams in each league qualify for the playoffs:
- Top 6 by record
- 2 wildcards based on total points scored (Weeks 1–13)
- For leagues with fewer than 8 teams, all teams qualify for the playoffs

You CANNOT tie in the playoffs, so ties are broken like this:
- Most correct picks within your matchup (picks within a parlay count as individual picks)
- If still tied, the player with the most total season points (including playoffs) wins

Make Every Game Bigger

Every sport is different, so why are fantasy games all the same?
AQB is building new fantasy games for each sport, starting with the NFL and NBA.