Don't pick the player.
Pick the game.

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Sports betting meets fantasy.

Sideline keeps the familiar structure of a fantasy league, but replaces the rosters of players with Vegas-style bets. Make 5 new bets each week and try to outscore your opponent.

Don't worry, lawyers — it's not real money.

Venn diagram FTW!

Be the hero of your league.

With all the injuries, roster moves, and crazy time commitment, player-based fantasy is for the birds. Show your friends there's a better way to play — by picking teams instead.


Make 5 new bets each week. We're talking against the spread, straight up, and over/unders.


You're in a new matchup each week — your bets against theirs. Outscore them & get the W.


Play for show or play for dough. The choice is yours (but keep the money offline 😉).

Different games for different sports.

Every sport is different, so why are fantasy games all the same?
Sideline is building new fantasy games for every sport, starting with NFL and NCAA football.

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